AIPU manufactures 100 types of caramel colors, including class I, III and IV in liquid and powder forms.Annual capacity of 70 thousand tons for all types of caramel color.
Raw Materials
  • Only the raw materials with premium qualities are used in the production of our caramel color
  • Analysis and quality control of liquid glucose, catalyst, and sodium hydroxide.
  • The water used in manufacturing caramels is treated through a reverse osmosis system.
    Environment Protection
  • Water and Waste Disposal – The effects we have on the environment are important to us at AIPU, we put great consideration into the responsibility of waste materials.
  • Waste water and gas are controlled in the manufacturing process.
  • Coloring matters are mainly removed by a composite flocculation method, then treated through a waste water treatment plant .
  • Waste gases are changed into liquid form by passing through an absorption system, then treated by the waste treatment plant.
    Good Laboratory Practices
  • Analysis performed in our testing laboratory include: sensory evaluation, physical and chemical testing, microbiological testing, and all tests for caramel color.
  • Testing methods we use are official practices regulated by Food Chemical Codex, AOAC methods, and China’s consumer and food standards.
  • We routinely compare our internal testing results with a certified independent and approved third-party testing laboratory to ensure validity of results.
    Research and Development
  • We have a dedicated and capable technical team of over 100 engineers specialized in research and development, product improvement and quality control.
  • Our main developing engineers have worked with AIPU for more than 15 years.

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