Caramel Color
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Ethyl Maltol
Food Flavor Enhancers
Food Flavor Enhancers

Food Flavor Enhancers Preview
Soy Sauce Powders

By means of selecting long fermentation period soy sauce as raw materials and innovating the powder production technology, we produce uniquely flavored soy sauce powders with natural flavor and savor maintained. Our clients can find out the products catering their needs from our few soy sauce powder products.

Sodium Succinate

Sodium Succinate with a flavor of shellfish is one of our special taste enhancers not only because of its distinctive and long-lasting taste, but also that it requires making the most of sodium succinate to develop the best customized application method for clients' products. We can help clients to achieve their expected goals with rich experience in flavor preparation as a seasoning supplier.

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